The end of a sales call feels exactly like the last bars of a tango. The connection is still resonating in the air, yet it is time to part company and say goodbye. We feel what the well-known expression says: “Every ending is also a new beginning” and “There is a miracle in every new beginning” (Hermann Hesse). The end of a sales call is always the beginning of a new miracle: the next encounter. A sales call never really ends. That’s why it’s important to take a farsighted approach when ending the call. After all, the dialogue continues in the customer’s journey: when they unpack the goods at home, in the online store, via social media, during their next visit to the store or when sending the invoice. Customer dialogue takes place on all channels at all times. Every second, constantly, always and everywhere. Our entire life is a dynamic sales call, repeating in an endless loop.

Being aware of this helps you to think of the conclusion of a sale as a new beginning and to structure it accordingly: with the right mental, emotional, physical and verbal attitude. In the case of the tango, it is a “Thank you, that was wonderful!”, a smile and a delightful walk together to the starting position, borne by a deep sensation of happiness and an “Until next time”. The next tango starts with the same emotionality, and with the same sense of connection, right where the previous one ended.

This is exactly the feeling we need to achieve when closing a sale: an emotional bond and a deep, personal connection to the customer. The end of the sales call is perfect for this; it is the expression of thanks that creates the personal connection until the next encounter. When we feel gratitude, our brain releases dopamine and serotonin. These two hormones make us feel more light-hearted and happy. It is helpful to know how we can trigger this feeling and thus benefit our own state of mind and that of our customers.

How can we put this into practice at the end of the sales process? Above all, gratitude has to come from the heart and be authentic. Tell your customers how you feel: tell them that you enjoyed talking to them or that you are pleased they were able to find something suitable for their daughter’s wedding or the sports outing with their boyfriend. Showing emotion is extremely welcome and essential. Tell them that you are happy about this wonderful encounter and that you look forward to seeing them again. Of course, wish the customer a lot of joy with the product you sold them and say that you are curious about their husband’s or boyfriend’s reaction. Take an interest in the person’s life!

And last but not least, gratitude is meaningful: it brings meaning to our past, harmony to our present and perspective to our future. That’s why it’s so important not to forget to say thank you. Use it to pave the way for an emotional, long-lasting bond. After all, as Swiss writer Jeremias Gotthelf wrote, “Those who cannot give thanks cannot love.”

I am happy to present the individual steps of my “Mindstep” training for sales personnel, which I have explained in various blogs, to you again here:

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