I have spent many years working in various positions in sales and distribution in retail and industry. During this time I have come to realise that selling is like love and passion. I am convinced of this. It’s about intensively cultivating a personal and individual customer relationship and then fulfilling the customer’s desires – based on real encounters, human emotions and genuine experiences. The daily dialogue you engage in with your customers is based on empathy, and your ability to listen to and respond to them. The dynamic this produces has the same quality as the dynamic in tango. That’s why, for me, the tango is an excellent precursor to a successful relationship – with customers, employees and people in general.


Why sales teams should dance the tango

If you have read my blog posts or newsletters, you will already know that Tango Argentino is my great passion. Tango is like a conversation. It is all about respect, trust, empathy, sensibility, courtesy, sensuousness and passion, as well as the energy arising from this in pursuit of a common goal. Concentrating fully on the other person, the space and the music heightens awareness of changes, moods and the environment. I transfer this experience to my work. “To the rhythm of the tango” means “A finger on the pulse of the times”.


This is basis of my extraordinary leadership and sales training “Mindstep”. I describe the step that takes us from the mental to the physical level as the “Mindstep”. It means making a conscious step from thinking to acting, and from the brain to the body – and vice versa! This can be reflected in my movements and posture, but also in my facial expressions and gestures. The tango helps prepare you for the transition from mindset to “Mindstep”. Just like sales


  • it creates a bridge between people
  • it is a universal language understood around the world
  • it makes it possible to deal empathetically with others
  • it means a desire to communicate
  • it conveys feelings of connectedness, commitment and closeness that we experience in an empathetic dynamic.


The individual steps of my “Mindstep” training reflect the movements of the tango:

  • Our body language and its importance (Postura)
  • A look says more than 1,000 words (Cabeceo)
  • Do you feel connected to your customers? (Swing in)
  • Proximity and distance in customer relationships (El Abrazar)
  • Lead your customers towards experiences that are truly memorable (Lead)
  • Make your customers shine (Support)
  • A thank-you can pave the way for a lasting customer relationship (Farewell)


Use your advantages over online retail

In brick-and-mortar retail, you can fully express your advantages over online retail by creating shopping experiences full of emotion for your customers: through personal contact, conversation, personal encounter and the “touch and feel” of the products. The empathic-dynamic approach to sales pitches described above is crucial to ensuring sales success. If you are willing to engage with your customers, to dare a challenging dialogue, to engage in new behaviour, to perceive your environment in a new way and to experience and implement new forms of communication, I strongly recommend my trainings to you.


You can find more information about the “Mindstep” Academy with training for sales and management staff here


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