As a top Swiss manager, I can draw on many years of global strategic and operational leadership responsibility at top international brands. I can contribute critical skills and experience on a material, specialist and management level, gained during top positions.

Professional experience

In the positions


Vice President International Sales

Director International Sales

Member of the Comité Direction

Director Strategy

Business Coach

Strategy Consultant

Including at:


Akris/St. Gallen

Willy Bogner/München


Gerry Weber/Halle Westfalen

Vivarte Group/Paris

Luisa Cerano/Nürtingen

Zimmerli of Switzerland/Aarburg


  • Managerial experience in all top positions
  • Development of brand, marketing and country strategies
  • Creation of corporate objectives and visions, and their realisation
  • Product development and adaptation to international market requirements
  • Global sales (wholesale, franchise and retail) and business development
  • Positioning of brands in relation to international key accounts
  • Contract negotiations at the highest level
  • People management
  • Business coaching
  • Language skills: German (native language), French, Italian, English

International successes

  • Establishment of a global sales and expert network
  • Strategic brand management and operational brand establishment in various countries
  • High, sustainable sales growth rates
  • Strategy projects and business coaching
  • Multitude of market entries
  • Opening of over 300 franchise stores and 300 shop-in-shops
  • Organisation and holding of trade fairs, fashion shows, events and POS presentations
  • 2012/2013 Drapers (UK): “Top 100 most influential people in fashion retailing”


  • The business prosperity and growth of a company are the focus of all of my decisions and activities.
  • Alongside competent men, I wish to promote competent women and to encourage them to believe themselves capable of managerial positions. Top female managers and executives are important models for the future.
  • Despite or perhaps even because of increasing digitalisation, personal contact is an essential element for success in my view.


My great passion is the Argentine tango. Tango is like a conversation. It is all about respect, trust, empathy, sensibility, courtesy, sensuousness and passion, as well as the energy arising from this in pursuit of a common goal. Complete concentration on the other person, the room and the music heightens awareness of changes, moods and the environment. I transfer this experience to my work. “To the rhythm of the tango” means “On the pulse of the times”.

Future vision

Monique Fischer is the right person for a company undergoing transition. She can contribute critical skills and experience on a material, specialist and management level for top positions. Particularly when companies need and are looking to become faster and more efficient, a management style that focuses on people is indispensable. The new currency is appreciation and trust. A participative management style is required for this, something that Monique Fischer has evidenced with great success in all of her positions to date.